Poker Tips on Folding

Folding is a crucial part of playing poker. Some people may consider bluffing as the most important part while others see the bullying and taunting as the things that make poker the way it is. Some don't realize that folding or quitting in the game may be the smartest move yet. Folding is not a betting action but it is seen as a "pass" or sometimes a "check".

Folding does not always require someone to say "fold". One can silently do so by putting all of their cards on hand into the deck of discarded cards. This act means that the player has "folded" and is out of the game. The pile can also be referred to as "pile up" or "muck".

Other ways of folding may be to surrender the cards in a neat way by closing the cards together and handing them in. In Stud Poker, one folds by turning the cards up so that everyone can see the cards. Another way is to rap or tap the table to signify that the player is indeed "folding". When one folds, one can then toss the cards on the table and allow them to scatter a bit. This is known as "splashing" and some people find this offensive so some just opt to pack their cards together and hand them in. Another reason why splashing is frowned upon is because the cards may spill over into other player's chip set and make a mess of things.

One thing that is a no-no in folding is to fold when it is not one's turn to play. Doing so shows a lack of playing etiquette and is very rude. Folding out of one's turn reveals valuable information about the next player and it is not proper to do that. There are limits to bullying and intimidation in poker but if one has to fold, then it should be done in the proper way.

Some games would allow other players to "check" or fold after one's turn but since one is going to fold, it should be done before one's turn so that others would not see the following players hand info.

The best way to tell if a person is going to fold is to "read" the player throughout the game. One can see the subtle facial expression or movement just before they have a bad hand. If the expression continues then one knows that the player is going to fold and leave the game.