Playing Poker High Hands in Early Position

A concept that new Poker players must understand is that while starting hands and position are separate entities, they often influence each other very strongly and can affect each other. Such is the case when you are in early position and holding Aces paired with paint cards.

Most players will recognize the disadvantages of playing in early position, but they believe that if you are holding a high hand, this will change things. That is true to an extent, but it will depend on exactly what kind of high hand you are holding.

If you are holding pocket Aces, the Poker strategy to use is raise, and if the table is loose, chances are high that your opponents will think that you are bluffing and re raise. Given what you are holding, you can cap, and be confident about going to the flop.

Some players like to use the same Poker strategy when holding pocket Kings, but yu should be more cautious, especially if you are on a tight table. If you are raised or re raised, consider the possibility that the other player is holding the AA. Nevertheless, Kings are still great hands, and you should feel confident about seeing them to the flop.

With pocket Queens and Jacks, the Poker strategy that you will have to use is different. It is best if you just limp to the pot. If you get raised, then chances are someone is holding pocket AAs or KKs,. If you only get calls, consider going to the flop, because while QQs and JJs may not be quite as strong as AA or KK, they can still make for good pairs and solid kickers. KQ is also a good hand to play here.

AKs-AJs are used in different ways by different Poker players. AK is often treated as a premium hand and used for raising, while AQ and AJ are used to obtain information on the other players on the table. Limping with an AQ or an AJ will allow you to get a read on the table. If the other players check, it could be a hand good enough to play for, but if you get raised, fold, especially if the table is tight.

As shown above, the interaction of high hands with your position is great, and can make an otherwise unplayable spot on the table quite profitable. The key here is understanding exactly what you are holding and reading the situation across the table. Learn how to do this and you will win Poker on a consistent basis.