Learn How to Play Texas Holdem Step by Step

Texas Holdem is a poker game. Like all poker games, the objective is to win with the best poker hand attainable. Want to learn how to play Texas Holdem? Read on!

When you sit at a Texas Holdem table, you will see a colored disc in front of one of the seats. This is known as the dealer's button. Whoever has this in front of them is last to act in a Texas Holdem game. This button changes position with every game to ensure fairness. The name dealer is merely symbolic, as the real dealer never plays in Texas Holdem.

Action begins with the player to the dealer's nearest left. It advances in a clockwise fashion around the table until one arrives at the dealer's position from his or her right.

Two players now make obligatory bets. The first to make this bet is the one sitting on the dealer's left. They are known as the small blind. They must wager half of the minimum wager for that table.

The second player to bet is the big blind. They are seated to the left of the smaller blind. This player makes the whole minimum bet.

The parts played by the big and small blinds are known as posting the blinds.

Now all players are given a pair of cards known as starting or hole cards. No one else must see them but the player who owns the cards. Players must choose whether to enter the game with those cards dealt them, or withdraw. If they want to play, they must "call" the big blind; that is, make a bet of the same size as the big blind. If they choose to leave the game because they don't like their cards, the must "fold" and be inactive for the rest of the game.

If a player is confident, they can "raise" instead of making a call. A raise can be twice, thrice or whatever the size of the big blind. It depends on the rules of the Texas Holdem game.

If a raise is made, all players who haven't folded must answer the raise either by calling it (raising one's bet to the same amount as the raise), folding or re-raising. Once all players have either called the last raise or folded, this part ends. The player on the dealer's button is always last to decide.

The dealer now deals three cards facing upwards so everyone can see them. This is the flop and it is free for players to use. Since the goal is to make the highest poker hand one can, players will check to see if these cards help them improve their poker hand.

Another betting round begins. Since no mandatory blinds are made, the first player to act (the small blind) has the option to check or pass to the next player. Players can check so long as no bet is made. If one is made, players can only call, raise, re-raise or fold to it.

A fourth card now is dealt, the turn. Another betting round follows, and then a fifth card or the river. A last betting takes place. If more than one player is left, a showdown of their cards follows. The best poker hand wins all the money in the pot.

The best way to learn how to play Texas Holdem is to read about the rules and then play in a poker room online. Play in a free poker room now and discover the most exciting card game in the world!